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Frequently Ask Questions:

With over 18 years of experience, these are the most common questions asked by clients when considering selecting a home inspector.

1.  Home long should it take to conduct a thorough home inspection?

A detailed Home Inspection normally takes about 3 hours.

2.  Should I be present during the inspection?

All clients are encouraged to be present during the inspection, after the inspection always ensure the inspector provides an overview of his/ her findings.

3.  Why should I hire a home inspector and what is the purpose?

The purpose of a home inspection is to provide the client with a detail analysis about the overall condition of the home, it is not a pass or fail process, but rather to provide professional information about the overall condition of the structure.

4.  What agency governs the overall process of a Home Inspector?

Depending on the state, most states provide guidelines and restriction governing the process.  Since most inspectors are knowledgeable in constructions, it enhances the inspection and provides a great overview on the overall condition.  In the state of Oklahoma, the Construction Industry Board governs the guidelines.  Although not all states require an inspector to be licensed, most states do and Oklahoma is one of those states that require a home inspector to be licensed.

5.  Does the size of the home matters?

Most home inspectors will charge more for homes with a large square footage, if known, always provide the square footage of the home but most inspectors normally have a set price and a cutoff before additional charges occur.

6.  I am getting a VA/ FHA loan, do I need a certain type of inspector?

Again, the state agency governs the guidelines of its licensed inspectors but their are requirements VA/FHA loans require, ensure your inspector is qualified and knowledgeable of those requirements.